Event Time: 10h00 / Event Location: Darling

WHERE? Darling

WHEN? 1-2 September 2018

HOW? Call +27 (0)72 573-7937

ACCOMMODATION? See accommodation links at the bottom of the page / below

Dates for 2018 to be confirmed. >> At the start of the South African Spring, the unique Voorkamerfest (Front room Festival) will once again take place in the quaint West Coast town of Darling, a village only 55 minutes north of Cape Town. Darling is known for its gorgeous spectacle of wild flowers, wonderful wine estates, a vibrant community and of course Evita se Perron, the hub of the Voorkamerfest. Since its inception in 2004, the festival has become known throughout South Africa and overseas as one of the most innovative cultural events of its kind in the world.

The Voorkamerfest is a one-of-a-kind festival that carries an element of excitement for the audience in that the venues and performers remain a surprise until everyone arrives at the various destinations on their particular route. Each of the six routes has three voorkamer stops, with a 25-minute performance in every front room of homes that range from small township houses to grand Victorian dwellings. Everyone meets at Evita se Perron half an hour beforehand and transportation is via local taxis.

The Voorkamerfest was initially conceptualised by the Dutch impresario Inge Bos, together with Wim Visser from the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam. With the help of the team at Evita se Perron the organization was soon taken over by a committee of locals.

Like previous Voorkamer Festivals, this year will see the participation of outstanding South African performers as well as international performers.

The Voorkamerfest is the only theatre festival in South Africa where you may see productions in multiple languages, by musicians, dancers, actors and performers of all genres from many ethnic groups from various countries.